Dental Tourism

How to reach us?

Step 1: First learn about Surbhi Dental Care through our website

We have provided all the information such as range of dental services, clinic information and team of dental professionals. We have also tried to answer various dental queries that our patients usually ask. So go through the site and find out what dental treatment services we offer.

Step 2: Consult with us to plan your treatment

You can send us an OPG/radiograph & some pictures of your teeth via email at and we will send you a customized treatment plan with cost and time estimate in advance.

Step 3: Plan your dental tour

Once we plan to restore your teeth and smile, please check with us and book a flight from your location to Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. We will confirm and accommodate your dates in our schedule

Step 4: Your Stay in Mumbai

Staff at Surbhi Dental Care will be more than happy to guide you or give you suggestions to organize your travel & stay in Mumbai, prior and post treatment. If the procedure is lengthy, you can enjoy your stay here by visiting some of the beautiful and popular tourist attractions, in and around Mumbai.

Procedure India US Europe Australia Africa Russia Tanzania
Dental Implant $525 to $1012 $2990 to $5000 $1290 $1300 $1200 $1500 $1250
Veneers $220 to $270 $800 to $1200 $369 $360 $450 $240 $240
Root Canal $60 to $90 $699 to $1300 $299 to $329 $60 $150 to $200 $90 to $200 $90 to $200
Crowns $80 to $140 $750 to $1000 $299 $285 $280 to $800 $210 to $390 $240 to $600
Wisdom Tooth Removal $70 to    $85 $250 to $500 $120 $180 $190 $144 $120